roll off Q & A

Here are some commonly asked questions about roll off containers:

  • Can I put the roll off on the street?  
Please check with your local municipality. Permits may be required.
  • Will it damage my driveway? 
The trucks used for delivery, plus the weight of a full container can be quite heavy.  It is highly recommended that the customer protect any surface where the roll-off is going to be placed with a 4’ x 8’ sheet(s) of plywood. It’s up to you, as the customer, to be sure that the right of way provided for the roll-off container is sufficient to bear the weight of all contractors’ equipment and vehicles required to perform the contracted service. The customer assumes all liabilities for damages to private driving surfaces, pavement or road surfaces and entire container placement site. The contractor cannot be responsible for any damages to any private driving surface, pavement or accompanying subsurface of any route associated to perform the service that was contracted.
  • How large of a space do I need for delivery of the roll off container? 
Please call us on 563-547-3828 or toll free: 800-858-1138 for container dimensions. It is recommended to provide space to accommodate double the amount of the width and height of the container to assure adequate height and space clearance.
  • What can I put in the roll off?  Please be sure to ask questions BEFORE you place items in the container.  It’s easier to not put them in than to have to remove them later.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING IN OUR ROLL-OFF BOXES:  Corrugated cardboard, lawn trimmings or yard waste, animal waste or carcasses, tires, batteries, wet paint, oil, Freon containers, toxic materials or poisons, fertilizers, TV sets and appliances (including microwaves).  ANY APPLIANCE OR TV SETS FOUND IN THE DUMPSTERS OR ROLL-OFF BOXES WILL BE BILLED $30.00 EACH.

As always, if you have questions or problems use this form to contact us or call us on 563-547-3828 or toll free: 800-858-1138.