trash pickup

Picking up the trash.  It’s what we do and we do a fine job of it.  Seems like a simple enough job, but it has to be done right and carefully and the refuse has to be disposed of properly to keep our communities sanitary and safe.  We’re proud of our work and proud of our team that does an excellent job.

Helpful Garbage Pickup Information

These guidelines apply to all communities where we provide garbage pickup service.

  • There is a 5 bag per week maximum pick up for garbage before additional charges are added. Containers shall not weigh more than 60 pounds.
  • Items not picked up with garbage: Corrugated cardboard, tires, TVs, appliances, yard waste, batteries, paint, oil, Freon containers, toxic or poisonous materials, computers, wire, fence posts, bricks, iron, cement chunks, animal carcasses, and fertilizer.
  • Charges for additional items: Sofa-$10; hide-a-bed-$15; recliner-$7.50, small chair-$5; mattress and/or box spring-$6 each
  • Extra garbage charges assessed by the driver: household-$37/cubic yard; construction-$47/cubic yard; shingles-$57/cubic yard
  • Quarterly bag rate for rural pickups is $57.00/ quarter ($19.00 per month) for weekly pickups of 5 bags per week or $29.00/quarter ($9.67 per month) for twice a month pickups of 10 bags per month

Use the links under the “communities” drop down in the menu above to see the specific services offered in your community and a schedule of pickups.

Please call the Hawkeye Sanitation office for dumpster or roll off service.

Questions?  Problems?  Use this form to contact us, or call us on 563-547-3828, or toll free: 800-858-1138.